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Taste the city's best craft beer, spirits, and wine with the Indy Craft Pass Visit Indy

Indy Craft Pass Shirt

Explore Indy's breweries, check in, and you'll be sporting this cozy Indy Craft Pass shirt.

Indy Craft Pass Stein

For those committed to going the distance, this beautiful handmade ceramic stein awaits.

Indy Craft Pass

In 2022, USA Today readers voted Indy as the #3 beer city in the U.S – and for good reason. The city’s breweries, distilleries, and wineries are pioneering a wide range of flavors and concepts for craft beverage fans to enjoy. The Indy Craft Pass is your guide to exploring these proud local businesses. Best of all, Visit Indy is going to reward you with points for each visit you make. Accumulate points and cash them in for rewards, including:

  • Indy Sticker (100 points)
  • T- Shirt (500 points)
  • Insulated Koozie (500 points)
  • Ceramic Beer Stein (2,000 points)

Visit Indy encourages you to explore safely, drink responsibly, and tip well. Cheers!

Breweries, Distilleries, & Wineries

Visit each of these participating locations to check in and earn points toward Indy Craft Pass rewards.

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