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An Indiana street
Share you Indy experiene by posing as "I" at an NDY sculpture Cliff Ritchey Art

Where to Find the NDY Sculptures Around Indy

Be the "I" in Indy. Declare your love to the world.

There are lots of reasons to love a city. It could be the meal that blew your mind. It could be the event, game, or convention that made an impact on your life. It could be a million little things that make your heart swell with pride. We're giving you a postcard-perfect opportunity to declare what it is about Indy that makes you swoon.

All you have to do is:

  • STAND: Find the foot prints and become the "I" in Indy.
  • SNAP: Kindly ask someone to take your picture.
  • SHARE: Post to your favorite social network with hashtag #LOVEINDY

 You can find sculptures at the following locations:

  • Bottleworks District
  • White River State Park
  • Indianapolis International Airport
  • Massachusetts Ave and Alabama Street Intersection 
  • NBA Crossover on Georgia Street
  • Bicentennial Unity Plaza at Gainbridge Fieldhouse

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