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An Indiana street
The sunken gardens in Garfield Park are a popular place to experience natural beauty. Kelley Jordan Photography

Top Ten Outdoor Spaces in Indianapolis

A David Letterman-esque Guide to Ten of the City's Top Spots for Relaxation

In honor of one of Indy's most famous natives, here is your list of the Top Ten places to enjoy the outdoors in Indy.

250 Acres of Attractions and Greenspace

White River State Park offers a unique blend of green space and the scenic Central Canal to compliment the parks cultural attractions.

With 3,900 acres of land and a 1,400 acre lake, Eagle Creek Park & Marina is the 6th largest city park in the U.S. and is a hotbed for rowing, birding, and cycling

Take in Indianapolis' neighborhoods while along this popular rail-trail that spans 28 miles across Central Indiana.

As the geographic heart of the city, "The Circle" is an ideal spot to enjoy lunch or get an iconic photo taken.

With 10,000 square feet of tropical plants the conservatory and three acres of European formal gardens makes Garfield Park is a must-see.

If you're looking for a perfect spot for sunset views visit Highland Park for an elevated perspective on your Indy visit.

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