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Indianapolis Buzz-Free

Mocktails and Alcohol-Free Imbibing

Welcome to the vibrant world of mocktails in Indianapolis, where the city's burgeoning mocktail culture combines creativity and flavor to offer refreshing alternatives for those seeking a non-alcoholic beverage experience.  Read on for a few expert suggestions of the best spots to relax in Indianapolis, where mocktail enthusiasts and sober-curious explorers can savor expertly crafted, alcohol-free concoctions.

16 Bit

16-Bit Bar + Arcade

With options like "Pinky and the Brain," a fruity blend of fruit punch and lemonade, or the playful "Lisa Simpson" featuring Sprite, grenadine, and a cherry, 16-Bit offers refreshments for the sober-curious that match the playful theme of their full menu. 

Ball & Biscuit

the ball & biscuit

This Mass Ave hotspot offers seven uniquely crafted non-alcoholic beverages. From the "New Fashioned," a buzz-free take on the old fashioned, to the floral "The Whole Garden," featuring zero-proof brut, all palettes can be satisfied at the ball & biscuit. The cocktail bar also gives you the option to enhance the beverages with Delta 8 or CBD. 


Memento Zero Proof Lounge

Memento Zero Proof stands as Indiana's inaugural alcohol-free bar and coffee shop, seamlessly blending the essence of early morning coffee with the allure of late-night libations. The inviting and snug ambiance of the establishment encourages patrons to savor moments, exchange stories, and revel in the joy of life.

Sun King

Sun King Brewery

With two of their signature brews reimagined to be non-alcoholic, Sun King Brewery celebrates all those who wish to imbibe. Zero-proof beers, Delta 8 beverages, and four classic mocktails leave little to be imagined when planning a buzz-free visit to the downtown brewery.

Cannon Ball Lounge

The Cannon Ball Lounge

Hotel Indy's rooftop cocktail lounge offers great views and artisan beverages. For a buzz-free experience, try the nostalgic blend of "I Miss My Spritz," featuring DHOS Bittersweet Aperitif and N/A Sparkling Wine, one of three mocktails on the menu. 


Baby's Indy

This vibrant bar and burger joint caters to a diverse clientele by offering an enticing selection of non-alcoholic beverages, including refreshing palomas, zesty mules, and savory bloody Marys.

Sundry and Vice

Sundry & Vice

Journey to the Bottleworks Hotel for this moody and art-deco themed lounge. Try "The Young and the Spiritless," a refreshing concoction featuring spiritless bourbon, pineapple, cinnamon, orgeat, plum bitters, mint, and ginger beer. Or, if you're in the mood for a vibrant option, try the "24 Carrot Magic" with seedlip grove, carrot, lemon, pineapple, black pepper, and ginger.

Inferno Room

The Inferno Room


This Fountain Square destination makes you feel like you're on a tropical journey to Papau New Guinea. Take it all in when you indulge in the tropical fusion of "Coocoonut Grove," blending coconut, pineapple, cinnamon, walnut bitters, and lemon, transport yourself to an exotic getaway with "Island Time," a delightful concoction of guava, mango, orgeat, pineapple, and lime.

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