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Indiana Convention Center


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An Indiana street
Monument Circle In The Heart of Indianapolis. iStock

Monument Circle

Monument Circle is the physical and spiritual heart of Indianapolis.

Indianapolis Trip Ideas

Find Your Pace with an Indy Getaway

While each individual is unique, there is a principal need that binds us all: the need for escape. Whether you want to go full speed - or slow down - find your getaway pace in Indy with these curated trip ideas below. You'll discover curated collections of attractions, events, restaurants, and hotels to fit your specific interests. Get inspired and discover the surprises hiding around every corner in Indy.

Modern Families

Master of the minivan, keeper of schedules, household peacemaker, and chauffer extraordinaire. Between ballet lessons, soccer…

Black Culture in Indy

Explore Indy's vibrant Black culture with this guide the places and spaces shaping the Black experience in Indy. You want…

History Buffs

You value the story behind a destination - the people and events that made things how they are today. You’ve got a…

Urban Adventurers

With friends old and new, you’ve traveled by foot, bike, and train to see the world.

Cultural Connoisseurs

You enjoy the finer things in life. Well-versed in food, wine, and the arts, you can speak the language of luxury. Your…


Perhaps you’re celebrating a birthday, anniversary, or just ready for a weekend away. Whether you’ve been dating…


You go where your team goes. You judge a city by its arena food. Your house wears your team’s colors, and your…

Nature Lovers

When the sun is shining, you want to soak it up while surrounded by nature. An Indy getaway will accommodate your love of the…

Bucket Listers

You know life is short and you want to experience everything it has to offer. You’re a planner, a doer. Your goals…

Night Owls

You love when the sun goes down and the city flickers to life. Your night starts when others head to bed. The dance floor is…