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Lucas Oil Stadium Exterior John Wright

Lucas Oil Stadium

Lucas Oil Stadium, a cutting-edge sports arena in Indianapolis, stands as a modern marvel, hosting thrilling events and providing…

Lucas Oil Stadium

Award-Winning Flexibility For All Events

Multi-function rooms throughout the complex means versatility to accommodate groups of 10-4,000 people, while the stadium has seating for up to 70,000. Lucas Oils Stadium is connected by an underground connector to the Indiana Convention Center.

Exhibit Space

Lucas Oil Stadium:

  • 183,000 sq. ft. of contiguous exhibit space on the field and in two adjacent halls
  • 12 meeting rooms
  • 11 loading docks
  • Event areas
    • Lucas Oil Plaza: 26,870
    • Bud Light Terrace: 12,500
    • Quarterback Suite: 7,570
    • Club Lounge L1: 12,130
    • Club Lounge L2: 10,800
  • 63,000 permanent seats
  • Retractable roof and windows

The award-winning Lucas Oil Stadium is capable of hosting a range of world-class events year round, from marching band competitions and concerts to opening sessions, VIP events, and trade shows.

Green Initiatives

A successful meeting is mostly about servicing meeting planners and delighting attendees—but it’s also a successful meeting if its environmental impact is kept at a minimum.

  • Food: An Indianapolis-based organization called Second Helpings reclaims food after a banquet and takes it to kitchens at their facility to be distributed to homeless shelters and missions, reducing waste and feeding the community.
  • Recycling: Aluminum cans, palettes, paper, and cooking oil used at Lucas Oil Stadium are recycled.
  • Paper Products: An entire line of biodegradable disposable serviceware products, giving meeting planners a green alternative to standard china and silverware, is available. The center uses Green Seal Certified cleaning products throughout the facility. Paper towel and tissue products are 100% recycled material.
  • Cleansers: Green Seal-certified cleaning products are used throughout the facility.
  • Sustainability: Catering uses milk, cheese, and yogurt from a local organic dairy farm, as well as local produce.
  • Energy Savings: We reduce lighting and HVAC in unoccupied areas of the building and in exhibit halls during move-in and move-out. Meeting rooms and lobby areas use compact fluorescent lamps, and exhibit halls provide more efficient lower-wattage lamps with the same light output. And Lucas Oil Stadium saves energy with CPI Daylighting system and fans designed to move the maximum amount of air with minimal energy consumption.
  • Water: We provide water stations in place of bottles for attendees. Sink faucets and low-flow toilets also reduce water waste. For clean-up, all parking lots are swept—not sprayed.
  • Ground Transportation: Having your meeting in Indianapolis means less shuttling, less commuting, less time stuck in traffic idling car and bus engines. Less exhaust puffing out of vehicles stuffed with impatient attendees reduces your carbon footprint.

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