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Indy is a City Built on Sports

You go where your team goes and judge a city by its arena food. Your house wears your team’s colors and your firstborn was named after your favorite athlete. For you, Bracketology is a true science (and you claim to have a doctorate). If you live for buzzer-beaters, last-second field goals, and walk-off grand slams Indy has an adventure for you because you're not just a sports fan, you’re a fanatic. 

Baseball With A View

  • America’s pastime is played at Victory Field.
  • The Indians play great ball with players seeking Big League fame with parent team, the Pittsburgh Pirates.
  • Free fireworks show after every Friday home game and Tuesday Dollar Menu Days. 

The Children's Museum Of Indianapolis

  • 12 outside sports experiences and three indoor exhibits encompassing physical fitness and awe-inspiring sports history.
  • Run, drive, jump, putt, and play while learning how to stay happy, healthy, and safe.
  • Opening March 18. 

Find Your Inner Champion

  • Pay tribute to those amazing student athletes who train, sweat, struggle, and triumph in 24 different sports.
  • Find your game and take the winning shot on a vintage basketball court, reliving the true story from the movie Hoosiers.

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