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Giving Back

Leave your mark while in Indianapolis by engaging with local non-profits through service projects or giving.

Circle City Non-Profit Engagement

Connecting Planners to Indy Nonprofits

As the #1 Destination for Meeting Planners (USA TODAY), Indianapolis is host to world-class amenities, a renowned downtown convention package, and above all, endless opportunities to connect with the Circle City community. We recognize that creating opportunities for CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) programs remains top-of-mind for planners.

Legacy Collective's Indy City Giving Circle

Through Legacy Collectives’ City Giving Circle, planners can peruse Indianapolis-based nonprofits, finding the best giving opportunity that matches your group’s connection to the city’s community. Following Legacy Collective’s national brand standards, Indy’s City Giving Circle clearly denotes financial responsibility, facilitates grant distribution, and reports on use of funds. Planners can secure grants with confidence, knowing their Indy-based CSR programming will directly benefit those in need.

Organizations can elect to donate to a selection of the following fully vetted Indianapolis nonprofits. For groups and individuals looking for hands-on ways to give back, these community partners offer an array of volunteer options as well. 

Legacy Collective Indy City Giving Guide

Preserves the best of Central Indiana’s natural areas, protecting plants and animals, so Hoosiers can experience the wonder of the state’s natural heritage.

Obtains and distributes school supplies free to teachers educating in schools with a 60% or higher free or reduced lunch rate.

Provides the opportunity for a hands-on approach to ending hunger in the Indianapolis community through meal-packing events.

A collection of diverse interested and organizations working together to improve and protect water resources throughout Central Indiana.

Additional Community Project Opportunities

Explore more Indianapolis-based non-profits below. For additional ideas on how to serve, download our Community Projects guide to get started. Whether you're looking for ways your group can donate, or volunteer opportunities for your attendees, you can find it through these Indy organizations.

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