The crisp fall weather is upon us in Indy with the leaves beginning to change color, and the jeans and sweaters being pulled out of closets. Weekends are full of pumpkin patches, walks outside, and NFL on the TV. All that you crave this time of year are the warm pumpkin spice lattes and the scents of cinnamon or caramel apple. Whether you want to get together and catch up with some friends over coffee or enjoy the night on the town, there are many options and fall specialty drinks that are jumping onto menus. Here are some fall drinks you can enjoy throughout the Circle City.  Bovaconti @adventuringwithalexa


Start your morning off with a drink that is sure to cure your end of summer sadness and help you embrace fall without having the strong pumpkin sensation. The Spanish Latte at Bovaconti is a favorite, complete with sweet, condensed milk with espresso and cinnamon. Other fall features include the Fireside and Nostalgia Lattes The inside of the coffee shop is warm and cozy if you want to be productive in their comfy booths, or the high top looking out the window. Their patio is also a great spot to sit outside if you want to continue to enjoy the outside weather.

Chronic Coffee

Chronic Coffee offers a big range of fall flavored coffees depending on your fall mood that day! Anything from Gimmie smore with toasted marshmallow espresso with chocolate sauce and crushed graham crackers, “The pumpkin spice girls”, to their coffee named “the Chronic” with double espresso, caramel and vanilla hemp cold foam.


One of our favorites, Chalet, not only has the ski-lodge themed atmosphere when you walk inside but they also have a fall special named the Spiced Demerara, that tastes just like a cinnamon roll. 

Parlor Public House

If you are looking for a strong and bitter coffee or tea to get you in the mood before the pumpkin patch, visit Parlor Public House and try out their Pestle. The Pestle includes Egyptian Chamomile Tea, spiced pear syrup, vanilla syrup, fig syrup and your preference of almost of oat milk. Parlor Public House also has an evening cocktail and mocktail menu that opens after 5pm Thursday-Saturday for 21+ visitors which includes their Pain Killer drink that has nutmeg, coconut cream, orange juice, pineapple juice and plantation 5yr Rum.

Quills Coffee

With a big assortment of drinks on their fall seasonal menu, Quills Coffee has some sweet and salty options!

  • The Lantern- Quills’s pumpkin spice latte
  • Salted Maple Latte-Maple latte with a little salt
  • S’mores Latte
  • Apple Crumble Chai-Spiced Chai Latte with apple butter
  • The Woodsman-Brown sugar and cinnamon

We hope that you enjoy the fall in Indy and get the chance to try some of our favorite’s caffeine spots!