The NCAA Division I all-time leading scorer and Hawkeye star, Caitlin Clark, joins the Indiana Fever team for the 2024 season. Not only has Clark finished her last season at University of Iowa with more points - 3,951 - than any player, man or woman, before her, but she is the only D-I women's player to have over 1,000 assists in her career.

Though her prodigious career is just getting started, Clark said farewell to Des Moines for Indy, retiring her jersey - #22 - in the halls of Carver-Hawkeye Arena. So, in #22's honor, here are 22 places in Indy that we think Clark would feel right at home.


  1. For years you’ve donned the #22 jersey, so we know you’ll feel at home at Gather 22. Here you can enjoy a matcha latte or their sliders, which they’ve become most known for.
  2. Summon your inner Hawkeye and keep your eyes peeled for hawks along the White River while doing a Frank’s Paddlesports Livery float.
  3. Caitlin, you finished with more points -- 3,951 -- than any men's or women's player ever in Division I. So, you could check out another record-breaking sports superstar, Major Taylor, at the mural on Washington Street. Or, Indy’s most iconic baller, Reggie Miller, on Michigan and Delaware.
  4. Speaking of murals, have you seen the newly completed mural featuring you on 18th Street here in Indy?
  5. We remember during the pandemic when the stands at Carver-Hawkeye Arena were filled with cardboard cutouts of your dog, Bella. Hopefully your golden-retriever sidekick can make an appearance in Indy and get a tasty treat from Three Dogs Bakery.
  6. On the subject of "three," you're of course known for your iconic Logo Threes, and we can't wait to see the Indiana Fever logo be the center of attention when you show off your moves at Gainbridge Fieldhouse. Maybe we'll see you out and about at the newest public gathering space in Indy, Bicentennial Unity Plaza, to take your moves to the outdoors. 
  7. Or, you can play the game surrounded by the Indiana Fever's colors at Free Basket at the Virginia B. Fairbanks Art & Nature Park at Newfields
  8. One of your favorite pastimes is finding those sweet treats (we can relate) either through baking or checking out local bakeries. Female-owned 4 Birds Bakery should definitely be on your Indy-list for their quality ingredients and decadent brownies.
  9. Your childhood was full of sports; from learning the values to sportsmanship, to learning the rules of play, and just having fun. Relive your childhood at Riley Children's Health Sports Legends Experience at the The Children's Museum of Indianapolis - the largest children's museum in the world! 
  10. We know your favorite sneakers to play in are your Nike Kobe Protros. Inspiration may strike you for a fun, custom pair, and you can paint your own sneakers at Kicasso Sneaker Bar.
  11. You've shared that your favorite meal to get ready for a big game is a cheeseburger and fries - we can help with that. Let us introduce you to Workingman's Friend, a dive-y Indy staple when it comes to smashburgers and fries. If you want your burger dressed up, try BRU Burger on Mass Ave.
  12. And though you may not have time to do both before a big game, wash down your Workingman's Friend with a Trader's Point Creamery chocolate milk. 
  13. So many of us here in Indy are Swifties; you're going to fit right in. You can belt out to Enchanted when Taylor Swift comes to Indy for three nights this November. Check out our Taylor Swift in Indy guide for all The Eras Tour content you need to stay in this Lavender Haze
  14. One of the most iconic structures in Indy is the Soldiers & Sailors Monument, 330 steps to the top. Did you know, Caitlin, that it would take you not one, not two, but three treks to the top of the monument to match how many rebounds you've had in your career so far?
  15. Your family is from Iowa, but we know you love your mom's Italian food to celebrate her heritage. When she's here in Indy, you can take her to Iozzo's Garden of ItalyIaria's, or Mama Carolla's for some of the best Italian dishes in the city. 
  16. Caitlin, we're thrilled to welcome you to Indy for many reasons, one of them being that we can't wait to meet that quick sense of humor you've got. Your SNL skit was one for the books. You can dive into the world of Indy comedians by checking out these local comedy clubs, and maybe we'll see you out and about during open mic night.
  17. We love a good lake weekend as much as the next person, and know you do too. Eagle Creek Park features a large reservoir where you can canoe, paddleboard, and treat yourself to a day in the outdoors.  
  18. There’s nothing stopping you from getting better and better at sports. You recently took up golf as a hobby, so did you know you can hit the links at one of the seven Pete Dye Golf Courses in Indiana, one of the most iconic being Brickyard at the Crossing at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway? Check out this page for all the best golfing experiences in Indy.
  19. We've heard from Bleacher Report that you're a fan of Michael Phelps, enough to have him as your background photo on your phone, at least. Be inspired by his contribution to sports and by future athletes at the 2024 U.S. Olympic Team Trials - Swimming this June at Lucas Oil Stadium. This will be the first time in Olympic Trials history where a pool is constructed in an NFL Stadium. 
  20. Get to know other Indy sports teams like the Indy Eleven, and relive your high school days of playing soccer. 
  21. Word is that one of your favorite snacks is Buffalo Chicken Dip. Check out The Ale Emporium for some of the best buff chick dip in the city. 
  22. You've received not one, but two John R. Wooden Awards. Congratulations! Did you know that right by Gainbridge Fieldhouse on Georgia Street is a statue celebrating John Wooden?