We wait months for good weather and so do our pets. Indy’s growing food & drink scene has been a big topic of conversation and it just keeps getting better. When choosing your next restaurant or bar, don’t forget your furry friend!  There are many businesses that welcome pets providing water, treats and even designated areas.  


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Some of Indy's favorite pet-friendly eateries and breweries:

Metazoa Brewing Co.

This brewery located downtown and near Fountain Square is a local’s favorite for those that like to indulge in craft brews and have a place for their dogs to play. Their dog park is officially back open for the summer — a lot my sources tell me this is their favorite place to take their dogs and have a good time. What's better than getting a beer off tap and watching your dog run around?

Half Liter Beer & BBQ Hall

Half Liter Beer & BBQ Hall is like its own community on Winthrop Avenue. The BBQ hall and outside seating area features an open area of picnic style tables along with plenty of space for your pets. Located right off the Monon Trail, it's the perfect place for you to spend some time enjoying incredible food, drinks and games with friends. They have live music on the weekends and complete different aesthetic than any other place in the city.


Take a look at their social media and you'll see that they are love dogs. If you live in the Broad Ripple area this is the place you can go for a good meal and drink while your dog gets to see many of their kind. The patio has a good vibe and faces the White River which is relaxing. During these warm months they have live music and bands playing, an outside bar and a menu with something for everyone.

Public Greens

The perfect place to go for a good meal when everyone you're with has an appetite for something different. In Broad Ripple, located right off the Monon Trail, you’ll find many people and animals to watch while you eat great food on the deck across from the garden where they grow some of their offerings. Also, you can visit the Fashion Mall at Keystone have a good meal with your dog while the family goes in to shop. 

Kuma’s Corner 

The place to go in Fountain Square for a burger and craft beer. Located on the corner (hence the name) Kuma's has the perfect outside seating area on the side of their building to host guests and their pets. My favorite thing about this place is that you can choose from a variety of ingredients and create your own mac & cheese - it's amazing. They have a patio area that outlines the side of their building and Prospect Ave. that's spacious enough for everyone.

Hedge Row Bistro

Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Right at the corner of Mass Ave., Alabama St. and Vermont St. with some of the best views of the city.  They have a menu unique to the block and their patio includes luxurious couch seating as well as dining tables shaded by the building and umbrellas. Next month they have an opportunity for you and a party of 8 to win to win a patio party, click here for details. 

Bru Burger Bar

One of my go-to places for a brew and a burger in the city. The downtown location is great for pets because of the outside patio accompanied by a small park with grass which gives them some run around room. Bru's other locations in Carmel, Noblesville and Plainfield are pet-friendly too! I’ve been to most of their locations and not only is everything on the menu good, it’s consistent.

Tavern at the Point

Tavern at the Point has a small intimate feel and a nice size menu with options for everyone to choose from. Burgers, Nachos, Fried Cauliflower, Brisket, and a patio full of dogs is what you'll see at the restaurant sitting right behind the infamous Dancing Ann. In addition to they have an extensive drink menu with plenty of libations to choose from.

RIZE Ironworks

If you are ever up north on 86th street this is the place to go with your pet for breakfast, brunch or lunch. Connected to the Ironworks Hotel, Rize specializes in dishes that exude with flavor from fresh ingredients and direction from Executive Chef Natalie Wall. Their concrete patio area blocked in by beautiful plants and table umbrellas for shade is relaxing for you and your furry friends.

Next Door Eatery

Located at the intersection of 46th and College, this is the perfect locations for Broad Ripple residents and visitors. The patio houses bench style seating and enlarged games for entertainment. As an incentive they are currently having a monthly patio contest where you go and dine on their patio and post the coolest picture using their specialized #letspartio hashtag to win a $100 gift card.

In every area of the city you can find a place to take your furry friend for breakfast, lunch, dinner or just a quick drink. Where's Mike G going next? While I do not own a dog of my own I may be at a restaurant near you with a close friend or family member’s dog enjoying a nice meal and a brew. Get out this summer and experience everything that Indy has to offer and be sure to tag #LoveIndy at every place you go!