As the holiday season approaches, the Athenaeum in downtown Indianapolis transforms into a festive wonderland that goes beyond the traditional celebrations of Christmas. The Christkindlmarkt at the Athenaeum is not just about Yuletide cheer; it's a multicultural extravaganza that embraces the diversity of holidays celebrated around the world. From the Festival of Lights in Judaism to the vibrant traditions of Las Posadas and the principles of Kwanzaa, this holiday attraction offers a unique and inclusive experience for all.


Love & Light for Hanukkah

December 9, 2023, 12 - 8 pm 

Hanukkah AthenaeumStep into the celebration of Hanukkah, the Festival of Lights, as the Christkindlmarkt pays homage to the ideals of Judaism and the rededication of the Second Temple of Jerusalem. Traditional music takes center stage, featuring a special performance by the renowned klezmer band, Indianapolis Hebrew Congregation’s 65th Street Klezmorim. Families with kids of all ages can partake in holiday activities, creating cherished memories. And let's not forget the delectable holiday treats that await, promising a taste of Hanukkah sweetness.


Celebramos Las Posadas

Saturday, December 16, 12 - 8 pm

Las Posadas AthenaeumExperience the commemoration of Joseph and Mary's journey from Nazareth to Bethlehem in the Las Posadas celebration. The Athenaeum's special programming takes you on a festive journey, showcasing a variety of music genres from mariachi bands to Latin pop singers. Families can come together for holiday activities, including ornament building, adding a personal touch to the season. Don't miss the symbolic seven-star piñata, representing the star that guided the three wise men to the newborn Jesus, offering the perfect family photo opportunity.


Happy & Joyous Kwanzaa

Sunday, December 17, 12 - 5 pm

Kwanza AthenaeumDive into the rich traditions of Kwanzaa, a seven-day celebration of African roots observed by people of all faith backgrounds. The Nguzo Saba, seven principles aimed at building and reinforcing community, take center stage in the Athenaeum's special celebration. Traditional music, ranging from rhythmic drum circles to captivating dance groups, fills the air. A storyteller shares the cultural richness and traditions of Kwanzaa, offering an immersive experience for all attendees.

As families gather and connect over music, activities, and treats, the Athenaeum becomes a hub of cultural celebration, fostering unity and understanding during the most wonderful time of the year.