This is the time of year when we visit pumpkin patches and go apple picking at orchards. Many people enjoy pumpkin flavored drinks and sweets, but I, personally, like apples taste and their versatility.

Time for Apples

You can do a variety of things with apples - pies, cider, butter and more. But, my favorite this time of year are the Carmel Apples. To be completely honest I thought I was familiar with Carmel Apples - until I took one bite out of the DeBrand Fine Chocolates Giant Caramel Apple.

DeBrand Fine Chocolates, based in Fort Wayne, has an astounding store front in Keystone, on the northside of Indy. Whether you visit for their scrumptious apples or for fine chocolates or ice cream, be sure to bring your sweetooth. 

DeBrand Fine Chocolates

Take a Bite of Delicious

Guaranteed to be fresh. How, you ask? Once picked off the tree in Washington state, they are washed and then put into production - covered in caramel, pecans, almonds and then a layer of milk or dark chocolate. Both the caramel and chocolate that covers them are both made in house.

DeBrand never has exact dates on availability because it all depends on the apple trees, so they say late September to early October and then available until the end of the month. These Granny Smith apples are giant and I would be suprised if you were able to eat it without slicing it into pieces. In each bite you hear the crisp sound then taste the tart and how fresh, juicy and delicious they truly are. 

Carmel Apple

Get Them While They Last!

The Debrand Giant Caramel Apples are a top seller for autumn. In fact, to assure I was able to get my hands on one this season, I called and made a request to be notified upon arrival to their Keystone location. Take my word for it, they are big enough to share with others and meant to feed 8-12 individuals.

If you have never been to Debrand you want to make your way there this month. In addition to these decadent apples, they offer a wide range gourmet chocolate offerings and a space that is perfect for enjoying anything sweet. Enjoy these apples with nuts for $33.50 or with just caramel and chocolate for $22.50 - also, offered in party sets and other assortments. Click here to order yours now!