Whether you are new to the city or have never taken the time to get to know Indy, volunteer opportunities are a great way to get to know a place. Not only will you be able to connect with a diverse range of people, but you’ll also get to know the community's needs. Volunteering in your city allows you to work toward a common goal with others while utilizing your interests and skills. Speaking of interests, you’ll find four organizations below to kick off your time volunteering in Indianapolis.

Indiana Sports Corp

If you are interested in sports and fitness, you’re going to love Sports Corp. Their mission is “to create a positive impact by hosting world-class sporting events which drive economic vitality, facilitate a vibrant community with civic pride, garner national attention, and create opportunities for our youth.” Volunteering for Indiana Sports Corp will allow you to be a part of world-class sporting events in Indianapolis, such as the Big Ten Football Championship.

Perfect for those who: Have to pause the conversation to check the latest score of a game.


Keep Indy Beautiful

If you love the outdoors and want to get to know the city of Indianapolis better, Keep Indy Beautiful is a great organization to start with. Their mission is to “engage diverse communities to create vibrant places, helping people and nature thrive in Indianapolis”. There are hundreds of community projects across Marion County and plenty of opportunities to connect with others of all ages and backgrounds as a KIB volunteer.  In terms of projects and volunteer opportunities, tree planting, neighborhood cleanups, and habitat restoration are some ways you can contribute as a KIB volunteer.

Perfect for those who: Have a growing plant collection and can’t seem to resist hugging trees when out for a walk.


Hope For Tomorrow

Hope For Tomorrow’s mission is to build bridges between the Burmese, Chin, and American communities of Indianapolis. Indianapolis has the largest population of people from Burma outside of Burma (Myanmar) itself. Hope For Tomorrow runs a number of programs to support their mission such as an after-school program and citizenship classes, both in need of volunteers. For those who want to assist students in the evenings with homework help, the after-school program would be a great place to start. As for the citizenship class, your volunteer role would be to assist students preparing to take the citizenship test through mock interviews and deepening understanding of the questions that may appear on the test.

Perfect for those who: Have a passion for history and culture and are often found teaching others one of their many newfound hobbies.



If you are looking for additional opportunities, IndyHub helps residents get involved in the city of Indianapolis through a variety of programs, networking events, and volunteer opportunities. They are all about giving back to the community and getting others connected with the right organization depending on their unique talents and interests.

Perfect for those who: Have a million different interests and don’t know where to start.