For Instagrammers, hashtags are a second language. So, it’s no surprise ‘grammers have created hashtags unique to Indianapolis. Here are 10 tags that celebrate Circle City, not including two of our favorites — #visitindy and #loveindy.  

1. #indyarchitecture


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This tag has it all: modern architecture, historic homes, the Soldiers’ and Sailors’ Monument. It’s the perfect place to share straight façade shots or iconic images of the state capitol building.

2. #thatindymural


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With its sharp lines and bright colors, Stargaze — located at the northwest corner of South and Delaware streets — makes for the perfect backdrop.

3. #circlecityportrait


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More into photographing people? No problem. Use this tag to share your portraits, candid shots and/or fashion photography. You’ll also find street photography in this tag.

4. #indyatnight


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This tag is a little magical, let’s be honest. It’s got long exposures and sparkling lights, and it’s a popular tag during the warmer months, especially during the state fair (helloooo, Midway).

5. #jdubfromhere

Yep, that’s right; the stately and sleek JW Marriott has its own hashtag. On sunny days, the 34-story building is a vivid blue, a backdrop to White River State Park.

6. #thatgarageview


@octopusmark vibes at #thatgarageview spot with some #backsfeel mixed in. ??

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In search of a classic skyline shot? Then you best visit the top floor of the parking garage at Delaware, Virginia, and Maryland streets. (Hot tip: Watch the Fourth of July fireworks here.)

7. #keepindyindie


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Use this tag when you want to show your love and support for independent businesses and art in Indianapolis. And with more than 48,000 images, it’s one of the city’s most popular tags.

8. #thatgoldbuilding

Market Square Center, or “the Gold Building,” is both brilliant and blinding. Its signature gold windows reflect both light and sky, and inspired a hashtag most befitting.

9. #naptownspinners


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Familiar with steel wool photography? What about orb and light photography? If so, then this is the tag for you. Some of the city’s best nighttime photographers use this hashtag.

10. #igersindy


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This tag is Indy’s most popular. It’s a catch-all featuring people, places, details, macro shots, you name it. In other words, it’s where you share your personal experience(s) with the city.