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Indy Solar Eclipse

The path of totality runs through Indy and we want you to be part of our citywide celebration.


Thank You To All Who Visited

On April 8, 2024, at 3:06 pm, a total solar eclipse was completely visible throughout the continental United States. The sun, moon, and earth aligned.

And Indy was in the path of totality, as the city was covered in temporary darkness. 

Though the following solar eclipse will occur in the year 2044, Indianapolis will not be within the path of totality until the year 2153 - 129 years after 2024.

Thank you to all who visited the Circle City for events, celebrations, and an astronomical weekend. 

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dress for the occasion

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Get your official Indy-branded t-shirt from The Shop Indy. With the iconic "Indy" logo set in front of the solar eclipse on both shirts, you can tout your part in this once-in-a-lifetime experience with this Indy wearable. 

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Round out your Indy Eclipse Weekend Experience with these handcrafted cocktails hitting the menus in April 2024.

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Centenario tequila, coffee concentrate, montenegro, creme de cacao, ancho reyes verde, mole bitters…

Indy Eclipse Weekend is grateful for the sponsorship from IU Indianapolis

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