Not only did Indy rack up top accolades like “Best Places to Travel in 2017” from powerhouse travel authorities like Travel + Leisure, but Indy’s story on our growing food scene, attractive niche neighborhoods, impressive trail scene and our top-tier family friendly destinations grabbed the attention of media from around the country.


Imported ImageHere’s our top ten list of articles you may have seen about our favorite city from this past year (consider this our humble brag and reason for you to read them one more time):

  1. New York Times: 36 Hours in Indianapolis
    “There is more to Indiana’s capital city than the Memorial Day weekend whirlwind known as the Indy 500.”
  1. USA Today
    “To dine around Indy is to discover a tasteful blend of adventuresome cuisine and hearty favorites, served with a healthy dose of hometown pride.” 
  1. CNN Travel
    “Indiana's capital may not be on most tourists' radar the way New York, Chicago and Los Angeles are. But that's great news for visitors to the United States who want amazing food, art and accommodations without the hefty price tags. In other words: get thee to Indy, before all your friends decide they have to visit too.”
  1. Pioneer Press (St. Paul – Minneapolis, MN Newspaper)
    “No other city in America has such a dynamic, democratic and still largely unheralded culinary scene right now.”
  1. Budget Travel Magazine: Locals Know Best
    “Indianapolis doesn’t like to beat its own chest, but the city has a lot to boast about. There are the varied cultural institutions, culinary traditions as well as progressive restaurants, green spaces, and its early 20th century status as a manufacturing hub that rivaled Detroit.”
    “When you think of America's most exciting culinary cities, Indianapolis is probably not top of mind, but it should be. Humility and passion converge in Indy to create a remarkably democratic and creative food scene.”
    “Certain things that fly elsewhere in America just don’t fly in Indianapolis. I learned this the hard way, which is really the easy way, as Hoosiers are so naturally nice their pointers come out like compliments.”
  1. Food & Wine
    “One of the most exciting American food scenes isn’t in New York City or Miami, Portland or even Los Angeles—its smack the middle of the country. Welcome to Indianapolis where even as meat and potatoes still dominate many a menu, restaurants have emerged that balance carnivorous tradition with serious imagination.”
  2. ZAGAT
    “When it comes to dining destinations, food lovers in the U.S. are entering the era of the second-tier city. Removed from the financial constraints and saturation of major metropolitan areas like New York, Chicago and San Francisco, these cities have emerged as breeding grounds of culinary talent, chock full of unique restaurants and bars that afford chefs, pastry chefs and mixologists more opportunity to get creative. For a prime example, look no further than Indianapolis. Though it’s the largest city in Indiana and the second largest in the Midwest, after Chicago, it’s long flown under the radar in many aspects. But thanks to a surge of special dining options and the emergence of a solid restaurant community, Indianapolis is helping take second-tier cities into the national spotlight.”
  3. New York Magazine
    “The midwestern racing capital’s culinary scene accelerates thanks to a flurry of restaurants in up-and-coming neighborhoods and urban-renewal projects citywide.”