It seems like new breweries and distilleries open up every day, bringing their own unique flair to classic cuisine or traditional beer and liquor recipes. Here are six of the newest spots in Indy to enjoy a fresh drink and a bite to eat.

Distilleries and Breweries in Indy

8th Day Distillery

Started by two local brothers, 8th Day Distillery belongs in the expanding Circle City Industrial Complex. The chill vibe and community focus make this place a great neighborhood haunt. Plan ahead though: their tasting room is currently only open from 4-10PM on Fridays and Saturdays. However, if you’re looking for a unique citrusy twist on the classic gin and tonic, 8th Day Distillery should make your list.

Garfield Brewery

Garfield Park is a beautiful green space in Indy, and Garfield Brewery uses that to great advantage. While they only make beer, they make it well, with each brew connected to the Garfield Park neighborhood. You can savor a strawberry ale named for Tickle Belly Hill or a Seven Bridges, a seven-hops IPA representing the seven bridges in the park.

Books & Brews - Mass Ave

If you’re familiar with some of the other Books & Brews locations around the Indy area, then their newest location should feel like home; their books and brews set a vibe that fits perfectly on Mass Ave. Live music fills the bar on weekends, and you can score some great drink specials throughout the week. The Nancy is a solid beer for IPA fans, while the Shogun Soba Ale is an enticing twist on an ale.

Liter House

For fans of cuisine from Deutschland, Liter House is your place. You’ll need a beer to cool down after a bite of hot German mustard and pretzel. If you know Big Lug’s brews, then Liter House will taste familiar, but with a focus on Bavarian recipes. A cold hefeweizen or German pilsner pairs great with a Strausberg Reuben or pork schnitzel.

Sun King Spirits

Overlooking the Monon Trail cutting through Carmel, this cathedral of spirits spans two floors and two patios while housing several restaurants and bar areas. Sun King has collaborated with local distilleries to make special batches of liquor for all their drinks. Enjoy the smooth flavor of passionfruit with a Matcha Bird or sample some zesty orange blended with Sun King’s signature cream ale with their Sunlight Dreamsicle.

Grindstone Public House

Head up to the town square in Noblesville for a neat new addition, Grindstone Public House. The restaurant boasts a full bar, including beers from around Indiana and quite a few specialty cocktails, many with their own “GPH” twist. Like the beer, their foods are locally sourced: burgers, steaks, sandwiches and more are all freshly prepared and delicious.