Indianapolis is home to breathtaking views, fantastic cityscapes, and tons of photo-worthy hot spots. With the opening of Selfie WRLD, there are more than 35 new selfie opportunities at your fingertips. Residents and out-of-town visitors alike will love this compact photo experience.


Selfie WRLD is an art museum meets photo studio, designed for meeting the hottest trends in self-photography. Visitors select a ticketed time and enter the building, picking up a ring light cell phone stand along the way. With your admission fee, you’ll be treated to an interactive art museum with framed sets where you can strike a pose alone or with friends and family.

Each backdrop is along a wall and each interactive photo station is framed in a perfectly portioned cube, made just for optimal social media-sized images. The interactive areas include nostalgic favorites like giant LEGO-type bricks, a popcorn bag ball pit, a 50’s diner, and more. These photo settings will give your pictures a life of their own. Neon lights display trendy quotes in line with thematic areas and artful and tasteful backdrops inspire self-expression like nowhere else in the world.

Glitter walls, graffiti art backdrops, a swing set, and animal print rooms are just a couple of the fun places you can experiment with selfies from many different angles and perspectives. Bring an outfit change for even more variety in your photos.

Selfie WRLD installations have seasonal changes and additions. If you’ve ever visited a Selfie WRLD museum in another city, you’ll find some local love at the Indy location; basketball and racing installations are found here. As new trends arise, the interactive art exhibits change and Selfie WRLD keeps everything fresh.

A party room in the back makes Selfie WRLD a great location for birthday parties, group outings, team-building events, and any other fun event you can dream up.

For more information and tickets, head to Selfie WRLD's website. Selfie WRLD is located at 8401 Michigan Rd. Indianapolis, IN 46268