I recently heard someone say there are three days in the week: yesterday, today, and tomorrow. I’m not sure about you, but this hit home for me. Our family is losing track of the days while trying to strike a balance of working from home and caring for a little one, and our days are looking more or less the same. 

Like you, I’m doing what I can to stay engaged and heathy, but I can’t stop thinking about what life will look like when the globe kicks this virus. I’m daydreaming about where I will go, what I’ll see, and the great food I’ll eat – but most importantly, I’m thinking about who I will have these experiences with. 


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This got us thinking. In a time when we cannot safely get out to experience all that Indy has to offer, what are our biggest advocates missing most? We rolled out a video that includes a call to action for Indy ambassadors to share their own #LoveIndy stories.


Our ask of you:


  1. Take a video of you answering: “The first thing I’ll do in Indy when life returns to normal is _________.”
  2. Post your video to your social media channels using the tag #LoveIndy

No right or wrong answers!  Your stories will inspire a rejuvenation of our travel industry and contribute to quickly getting the city’s 83,000 hospitality workers back in action once it is safe. For further information on how to submit a video, please click here.