From mac ‘n’ cheese festivals to giant beer blowouts, Indianapolis has become a haven for unique food and drink events. But if there’s one thing that people consume on a daily basis more than beer and mac, it’s certainly coffee.

On May 6, the Inaugural Indianapolis Cup will arrive at Garfield Park’s Tube Factory artspace. Organized by Indianapolis’ own Tinker Coffee Co., the Indianapolis Cup is equal parts coffee cupping, coffee festival, and straight-up block party, with a slew of interactive coffee presentations going on throughout the day. The event will also serve as a benefit for Project Alianza, an organization focused on bringing quality education to children living in the coffeelands of Latin America.

Coffee Cup“Interest in specialty coffee is exploding here in Indianapolis and across the Midwest, and our goal with the Indianapolis Cup is to create an exciting and educational experience for coffee fans while supporting Project Alianza,” says Tinker co-founder Steve Hall. “We've partnered with some of the best roasters, baristas, and cafe owners in Indiana and beyond for this festival, and we're all very excited to share our expertise with everyone.”

Hall continues, “The cupping experience really opens people's eyes to the unique characteristics of coffees from around the world, and cupping with a group of friends is a unique way to experience this drink that most of us enjoy every single day of our lives. When you add in the opportunity to learn about pulling espresso shots, pairing coffee with chocolate, brewing coffee at home, and a host of other topics, you've got yourself a recipe for an unforgettable event.”

Below, you’ll find a list of the presenters at the Inaugural Indianapolis Cup. For more information, head to the event’s Eventbrite page, where you can also purchase tickets.


2017 Indianapolis Cup Presenters

Josie Hunkler - Rabble Coffee

Neal Warner - Coat Check Coffee

Benny Sanders - Milktooth

Sam Sveen - Uel Zing Coffee

Andrew Heppner - Populace Coffee

Mitchell Tellstrom - Open Society Public House

Brian Beyke - Quills Coffee