Right now, hundreds of brews are being crafted at over 30 different breweries across Indianapolis. I know of at least two openings within the next two months, and dozens that are bubbling inside the minds of brewers, just waiting to be fully carbonated. But only a few can say they’ve been established for five or more years, and Flat12 Bierwerks is one of them.

I remember when Flat12 was one of only a few craft breweries trying to make a break in the brand new industry of hops. Barrel-aged and private stock were terms reserved for the liquor side of a liquor store. Now, you can’t visit hardly any restaurant or grocery store without finding dozens of local brews on a menu or shelf, many of which are from Flat12. From their crisp Cucumber Kolsch to their hearty Grandpa’s Glazed Ham, about every beer drinker can find their niche on Flat12’s expansive portfolio.

Imported ImageFlat 12’s Dorman Street headquarters will turn into an epic anniversary festival to celebrate the numerous beers, awards and achievements they have received since they opened. Sean O’Connor, Founder and President of Flat12 says “Five years ago, we started the process of making our dream a reality, and along the way made great friends, brewed great beer, and developed great partnerships. To thank everyone who has made Flat12 a success, we're excited to celebrate 5 years in a big way."

Join them on Saturday, January 16 from 11 am to 8 pm to enjoy full pints or samples of your favorite (or soon to be favorite) Flat12 brews. The party is free to attend, but a mere $20 will get you a four-ounce glass for sampling as many delicious beers as you like. For a full list of beers offered, visit their Facebook page here.

To further celebrate Flat12’s five years of business, I asked the Indianapolis chapter of Girls’ Pint Out, Visit Indy, and World Class Beverages to share a little about their favorite Flat12 brew.

“Walkabout Pale Ale is my perennial favorite. It's a single-hop beer and I just love those juicy Galaxy hops.” - Amanda Wishin, President of Girls’ Pint Out

“My usual is Walkabout Pale Ale but my favorite seasonal is the Lacto-Matic Milk Stout. I drink it by a fire and I cook and bake with it all winter long. I am very excited to try the Bourbon Jack and to introduce my sister to all of the Flat12 beers at the anniversary as she is visiting from Michigan.” - Jennifer Nickles, Girls’ Pint Out

“I am a loyal Half Cycle drinker. I love a hoppy IPA and this particular version poo-poo’s a safe and easy finish in favor of packing a flavor punch. This beer is not for everyone. It carries the tasting weight of a double without overwhelming you with an ABV that limits you to one.” Jeff Robinson, Visit Indy

“Barrel Aged Pinko: nothing like this American imperial double stout aged in a bourbon barrel to make you appreciate the virtues of patience (and a little chemistry).” - Ana Cabezas, Girls’ Pint Out

“I attend ALL their events and my favorite one (or few) offs are the Sugar Cookie Blonde created years ago for 12 Chefs of Christmas (one of the few lighter beers I’ve ever enjoyed), the recent Java da Nut (I am weak for coffee beers and nut beers, so what could be better than this smooth combo?) from the Beer Wars collection, and Dark Corner, which shows up at all their barrel-aged festivals with that glorious New Day Magpie flavor. Of the (nearly) year-round offerings, it’s always Pogue’s Run with a slight edge over Lacto-Matic.” - Lara Neal, Visit Indy

“Pickle Beer. I'm always a fan of the Cucumber Kolsch in the summer. It's so different and refreshing. My husband and I lovingly and jokingly refer to it as pickle beer. Imagine my delight a few years ago at a Flat12 anniversary party when they added pickling spices to the brew and made actual Pickle Beer. I know, that sounds weird... but weird is what Flat12 does best. It was a little confusing on the palate but just as refreshing as the original and actually quite tasty!” - Jessica Pellman, Girls' Pint Out

“Out of their everyday styles, I love Pogue's Run Porter. It's not too sweet or heavy, and is drinkable anytime of the year. Second to that is their Joe Brahma, which is perfect during the cold months.” - Mike Thilman, World Class Beverages

Now it’s your turn! Leave us a comment sharing which Flat12 brew is your favorite.