Each year, we make goals to prioritize our health and wellness, but (truthfully) by spring, many of us have abandoned those ideas. Create a self-care plan you can stick to by making it full of fun and adventure. Try out these self-care ideas in Indianapolis. 

Unwind with your friends

Make it Classy

Laughter and making memories should be part of your self care routine, and Indy local business, Make It Classy Beauty can help. Gather your friends and unwind while crafting your own custom beauty product. Your group will use plant-based ingredients to make your own bath soak, face mask or body scrub. The best part is, the Make It Classy team will come to your location of choice, bring all items included in their kit and help create an unforgettable experience. Book your DIY Beauty Experience for your group. 


Spend some alone time

Enjoy complete silence and allow your body to float above water when you visit A Place to Float. This one-of-a-kind experience uses epsom salt and buoyant suspension in a shallow, warm solution to melt the stresses of everyday life. Many people choose float therapy, the practice of lying in a saltwater to help combat anxiety and burnout. Schedule your float. 


Discover the frozen benefits of cryotherapy

How cold is too cold in Indianapolis? If you’re willing to try a “cool” experience, whole body cryotherapy could be for you. Cryotherapy Indy uses a cold chamber to help you reap the benefits. Beside it being a fun bucket-list item, many people use this technique to help improve sleep, mood and joint function. Schedule your cryotherapy appointment.


Get salty 

Healing is in progress when you enter the Indy Salt Cave. Choose from a variety of self care activities like relaxing in the salt cave, visiting the infrared sauna or treating your hands and feet to a deep detox. The Salt Cave is a man-made re-creation of the environmental conditions found within a natural underground salt mine and is the main attraction at this east side location. It uses halotherapy as a holistic treatment for a diverse range of respiratory diseases, and skin and body disorders. Schedule your session here.


Welcome good vibes

Immerse yourself in a soothing sound bath led by ​​Devon Ginn of Mind Melt Soundscapes. Ginn’s class features crystal and metal singing bowls, bells, chimes, mantras, indigenous instruments, and lights to help you unwind during a meditative experience. Join a session every third and fourth Thursday from 7:30-8:30pm at Invoke Studio downtown.