“We watched three separate lives become one.”

Three Identical Strangers tells the unbelievable story of three brothers, separated at birth, who reunited at 19 years old. But the story starts there. This movie takes off running and doesn’t stop until the credits roll. Unlike a typical documentary, Three Identical Strangers is incredibly fast-paced and packed with plot. What starts out as a human-interest piece takes a surprise twist to reveal the craziest story you’ve ever heard.

Three Identical Strangers is everything a documentary should be. The recreation footage is gorgeous and highly stylized. It takes the “show, don’t tell” rule to heart. The subjects are enthusiastic and feels like a friend telling a story. The subjects are easy to connect to and warmly invite the audience into their story. This incredibly narrative documentary appears more like a movie than real events. It sets you in the heat of the drama right away.

Three Identical Strangers is a must see! To watch the trailer and learn more click here.

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