The world’s largest children’s museum is about to get a little better this summer.

Named the Best Museum for Families in the nation by USA Today, The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis is already home to over 120,000 artifacts and specimens of all shapes and sizes. But while exploring the museum’s five stories this summer, visitors will be excited to find a pair of new exhibits to interact with.

The Children's Museum of Indianapolis

First off, museum-goers young and old will enjoy the nostalgic American POP: The Galleries for American Arts and Popular Culture exhibit. Opening on June 17, the new permanent exhibit will showcase American TV shows, movies, music, and fashion that can bring us together across generations. “Reminisce about fads or pop culture events that affected your life and learn what shaped those things into becoming hot or hip,” explains the Children’s Museum of Indianapolis’ website. “American POP is a new permanent exhibit that will explore how popular culture has influenced our daily lives in the past and the present, and imagine how it may shape the future.”

Secondly, museumgoers will get a chance to put on those dancing shoes as part of the temporary DANCE! exhibit. Open from June 17 through April 30, 2018, DANCE! will be the first temporary exhibit to be featured in The Galleries for American Arts and Popular Culture. Visitors. “Visitors to this exhibit should be ready to move their feet to the beat and join the fun,” explains the Children’s Museum of Indianapolis’ website. “This multigenerational exhibit looks at dance styles through the ages and around the world. Families who feel daring may want to put on their dancing shoes and take the stage to showcase their best dance moves.”

For more information on other exhibits at the museum, as well as hours, pricing and more, be sure to visit the Children’s Museum's site here.