Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman, oh my! The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis is teaming up with DC’s Justice League for this summer’s newest exhibit.

Now open, the DC Super Heroes: Discover Your Superpowers is an interactive exhibition. Families are invited to bring their superpowers and go adventuring as “reserve Super Heroes-in-training.” Visitors will develop new skills and learn the true value and strength of a team as they work together to catch Super-Villains in the Hall of Justice.

Imported ImageThis temporary exhibit calls on brave recruits to help make the world a safer place as they battle to save the soul of a fictional, crime-infested city. Recruits-in-training will need to use their problem solving skills and rely on their teammates as they come head-to-head with their arch nemesis in a series of fast-paced challenges. 

Super Hero trainees will work with Batman to stop the Joker who has sabotaged the Bat-Signal in Gotham City and/or join Wonder Woman as she searches for artifacts stolen by the Cheetah from the Museum of Ancient History.

As these Justice League heroes prepare to arrive in Indy, we must answer the call and meet our destiny head on. This fun, new exhibit lets visitors join the ranks of Heroes and battle against Evil.

Other activities of the DC Super Heroes: Discover Your Superpowers exhibit include a memorable photo/video opportunity to let recruits show off their newfound strength by lifting a building with their bare hands (and the assistance of green-screen technology) and a quiz to learn which DC Super Hero they most resemble.