Ever have a secret you’re just a little bit fearful of sharing? Maybe it’s that favorite vacation spot where the warm sand on the beach isn’t too crowded but the view is just right. Or maybe it’s the perfect coffee shop - where the java is divine and the WiFi never drops a connection. The class at the gym, the house you want to buy, the boutique with the fabulous inventory - you love them all but you know if you say anything in person or online everyone else will discover just how amazing your special place is.

Taxman is coming to downtown IndianapolisAnd then one of two things is bound to happen - 1) the destination will be overrun with people or 2) your friends will be sad because said place is too far of a drive for them and they’ll live in jealousy all the days of their lives.

This is how those on the outskirts of Indianapolis feel about Taxman Brewing Company. Located in Bargersville, Indiana and Fortville, Indiana, the Taxman has long been a favorite for many residents. Featuring delightful twists on pub favorites and Belgian beers, this brewery is always hopping. And now, the flavors of a long time fav are moving downtown.

The Taxman CityWay Gastropub and Beer Garden will open its doors September of 2019. Located at the corner of Delaware and South Streets, the new restaurant and brewery is a part of the growing mixed use development just south of downtown. Watching its construction is almost as exciting as the fact that its culinary influence will be moving closer to the heart of the city. The Taxman’s new home is a brick building constructed in the mid 1800s. The historic structure originally served as a livery or stable for horses.


In order to develop the site to its full potential, the entire building was moved a few hundred feet out. The brewery will include dining space for 130 and promises to be both kid friendly and dog friendly, too. And don’t worry about overcrowding. There are plans for a 3000 square foot beergarden to serve an additional 200 patrons, too!

Expect original beams and brick to feature prominently in the architecture and decor. A full construction phase begins in March and continues until the Taxman opens its doors in the fall. You can expect similar foods from this well-established local favorite - including Belgian-styled fries, burgers from locally sourced beef, Liege waffles, and seasonal special entrees and sandwiches. And there are plans for 16 different Taxman brews to be on tap. Or you can have wine or cider if that’s more your style. 

Keep tabs on the progress of the rebirth of a vintage space and mark your calendar now for your favorite new brewery. If you can’t wait to give Taxman a try, head to Bargersville or Fortville to sample their delicious cuisine and libations. Whether you choose to share or keep the secret to yourself, one thing is certain. You won’t be disappointed when the Taxman cometh.