I used to watch my grandmother crochet blankets, hats, scarfs, ornaments – you name it. Somehow, though, I didn’t learn how to pronounce “crochet” until I was 12 years old. So, there I was, telling my classmates all about the scarf my grandmother “krawtch-et-ed.” (Don’t worry; I’m, like, totally better with words now. I know it’s “ma-crame.”)


Speaking of macrame … I’d like to get my mom a macrame plant hanger at the Arts Market on the Circle. Presented by Downtown Indy, Inc. and the Arts Council of Indianapolis, the market is scheduled for 4 - 8 pm September 17 and 4 - 8 pm October 20. On these two nights, shoppers will be able to browse a little bit of everything – handmade masks, wooden kitchen utensils, watercolor greeting cards, artisan soap, light fixtures, canvases, jewelry, pottery, pop culture pieces, and prints. Oh! And posters, too.


Imported ImageRemember the “Welcome Race Fans” posters? (They’re part of the Welcome Race Fans initiative put on by the Arts Council of Indianapolis and the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.) They only print a limited number of posters each year. However, if you swing by the Arts Market on the Circle in either September or October, you’ll have a chance to purchase one for yourself! In addition to purchasing a poster by Josh Betsey, Joy Hernandez, Becky Hochhalter, Martin Kuntz, or Jingo de la Rosa, you also can enter a raffle to win a $150 giclee print of an iconic 2018 “Welcome Race Fans” artwork. Sweet.


Imported ImageAbout 20 artists will be at the Arts Market on the Circle, including Quincy Owens, Amy Ward, Ashton Boehman of Foxcraft Goods, and Kimberly McNeelan. Additional exhibitors will offer stationery, furniture, functional yet sculptural objects, and more. In other words, you’re not going to leave the market with only one purchase. In other words, your eyes may be bigger than your wallet.


Before you get to shopping, though, familiarize yourself with the safety details. Such as, patrons and exhibitors are required to wear masks. Such as, there will be hand sanitizer and hand washing stations on-site. Such as, stay home if you feel “off.” With Monument Circle as your backdrop, you’ll have plenty of space to social distance, browse the work of local artists, and support downtown retailers.