Title IX has completely transformed women's sports from the high school level through professional associations. The NCAA Hall of Champions will celebrate the 50th anniversary of this civil rights law on Thursday, June 23 from 10 am to 6:30 pm. Join in on the festivities and reimagine what it means to "play like a girl."

museum visitor

Visitors are welcome to enjoy a variety of activities beginning at 3:30 pm, including scavenger hunts, giveaways, photo opportunities with the 2022 Final Four trophies, and special guests representing local Indiana universities and organizations. 

Special guests include, but are not limited to, Butler University mascot, Blue, and University of Indianapolis mascot, Grady. Throughout the event, visitors will be greeted by a variety of these appearances. 

Along with the activities, visitors are invited to attend the membership showcase, "Title IX at 50," which features an educational timeline of significant events in history beginning in the 1960s. The exhibit showcases interesting factoids and the women trailblazers who pushed the movement forward against their struggles.


So, do you "play like a girl?" Visit the NCAA Hall of Champions to find out!

For more information regarding Title IX, click here. For information regarding the Title IX at 50 celebration, click here.