Indy has some brand new residents. You can find them online and wandering the city. At first, you might think these new neighbors are merely a prank, the result of someone monkeying around. But a closer look reveals the #IndyMonkeys bring with them mirth, amazement, and wonder.

If you’ve been lucky enough to spot one of the Long-Tailed Macaques in the wilds of Indianapolis’ streets, you may have wondered what all the monkey business was about. Even if you haven’t seen one in real life, a quick virtual search of the hashtag brings up all sorts of fun and creative photos.

Best of all, this fun online mischief points toward the opening of a brand new exhibit at the Indianapolis Zoo. Sharing One World - Long-Tailed Macaques officially opens its doors to visitors this Memorial Day weekend - May 26th.

Fun fact: did you know that Long-Tailed Macaques are the only monkeys that swim their whole lives long? Because of their love of water, you’ll find the Indy Monkeys playing in their amazing new habitat in the Oceans biome. You can observe the macaques interacting in a landscape reflecting their natural habitat. Surrounded by pools and grassy areas, the multiple glass viewing windows allow guests to watch the troop of monkeys splash, play, and dive.

This particular species makes its home throughout Southeast Asia. The Long-Tailed Macaque is the smallest of all macaques, growing to the size of a housecat. Through Sharing One World, the Indianapolis Zoo paints a picture of how these fascinating animals and humans can co-exist side by side. Some cultures view the monkeys as sacred while others see them simply as pests. And yet, there’s still away for humans and Long-Tailed Macaques to share the planet.

So be on the lookout for our new friends all around town. Snap a photo and hashtag it for the rest of us to see. And don’t miss your chance to visit the Long-Tailed Macaques in person this summer at the Indianapolis Zoo.