Memorial Day Weekend; "The Greatest Spectacle in Racing"; out at the Track - here in Indy, there is no shortage of ways to talk about the Indianapolis 500, the iconic NTT INDYCAR race that turns the entire Month of May into a celebration. If you've been to the race, you know that the hype is warranted. And if you haven't: first of all, let's check that off your bucket list. Here's how you can learn more. And second, chances are you've felt the excitement in Indy leading up to the Indy 500. Now, old and new fans alike will get to know the faces behind the Indy 500 with the new docuseries through VICE and The CW, 100 Days to Indy.


Premiering Thursday, April 27 at 9 pm EST, this six-episode series showcases the most competitive racing on the planet and the dynamic personalities of the NTT INDYCAR SERIES. Each episode will give viewers an inside look into the drivers’ seat as the NTT INDYCAR SERIES stars compete for racing’s greatest prize: the Indianapolis 500.

100 Days To Indy

Following drivers' stories leading up to the race, the show will culminate in the 107th Running of the Indianapolis 500, with the Circle City in the spotlight. You'll get a non-scripted look behind the scenes of INDYCAR and the personalities that make up the sport we all know and love. With plenty of racing action in the mix, the show delves more into the humans who risk their lives getting behind these 250 mph+ machines. 


“There is this marquee event that has been part of the American fabric for 100 years,” said Bryan Terry, executive producer of 100 Days to Indy. “We want to respect the longtime Indy fan but also want to make the sport appealing to a new batch of fans.”


With "Episode 1" premiering April 27, and "Episode 6" premiering June 8, there is an intense mix of filming, editing, and producing to give fans a real-time experience of the drama behind the Indy 500. So, buckle in and join for the ride as we get more looped in for all things racing this May.