The brand-new sushi restaurant in downtown Indy, Hasuno, has officially opened its doors and is already producing incredible, authentic sushi that satisfies sushi enthusiasts and novices alike.


After walking through the doors, guests feel a sense of a comfortable calmness. The restaurant has an inviting setting with the music softly playing in the background, dark wooden walls with white sand and rock accents and sunshine beaming through the windows. The chairs and booths alike are very comfortable.


Hasuno, a sister restaurant of Tegry Bistro from north Indiana, continues the family-owned and operated establishment that already has a loyal following due to their expertise and authentic dishes.


The menu includes an assortment of exquisite fish, buckwheat noodles, spring and cucumber rolls, sushi rolls, teriyaki, and more to satisfy your taste buds.


From the bubblegum pink Lollipop Roll with yellowtail tuna, salmon, crabstick, and avocado wrapped in soy paper to the Bonfire roll, which features spring tempura and asparagus and arrives on fire for the smoky flavor, everything is delectable.


Take your pick of combo orders of many different sushi rolls with Chef’s choice, to Bento boxes with your choice of chicken, steak or salmon, your choice of sushi roll, vegetables, and steamed rice. You can always just choose several splendid sushi rolls or starters instead.


Another bonus? There are plenty of spaces behind Hasuno to park, allowing easy access to the restaurant through the back door of the restaurant.


The comfortable, inviting setting of Hasuno is an experience everyone needs to enjoy. The new restaurant is located in Fountain Square, 435 Virginia Avenue, Indianapolis, IN 46203.