We may be biased, but Indianapolis is a beautiful place to film. However, it can be intimidating knowing which places will work best for your film. Here are five of the top places to work into your next film.

Monument Circle
Indianapolis is most recognized for its Monument Circle. The limestone monument has sculptures and fountains, and sits in the center of the city. With skyscrapers all around, there is no mistaking this as downtown. If you want establishing shots of Indianapolis, this is the place to film. The shops and pedestrians bustling downtown will add the perfect backdrop for a classic urban setting.

Garfield Park
If you’re looking for grassy fields or a forest, go to Garfield Park. It is the oldest park in Indianapolis and has loads of fresh flowers and beautiful trees. Mike James, Camera Operator for HGTV’s Good Bones, says it is his favorite spot to film in Indianapolis. For indoor shots, check out the Garfield Conservatory! The greenhouse provides great natural lighting while still protecting from the elements.

Carmel, Indiana 
Carmel features cute artsy shops and architecture with character. The gorgeous Palladium Center for the Performing Arts has a European and incredibly impressive look. Carmel was voted the #1 city in America to live in and features some of the most beautiful homes in Indiana. If you’re looking to rent a home for production, the massive houses nearby have plenty of space for a small crew.

Canal in Indianapolis
For a film set in the city, check out the Canal in downtown Indianapolis. It has beautiful views of the skyline unlike any other location with gorgeous artwork along the way. The best shot of downtown Indy is outside of the Indiana State Museum holds one of the most famous views of the Indianapolis skyline. Paddle boats, gondolas, and ducks all float up and down the Canal, which make for a scenic view. Check out the waterfall feature and bridge at the center of the Canal for a perfect backdrop.

Indiana World War Memorial
This massive limestone monument resides over a large, grassy square and is a lesser known landmark of Indianapolis. The beautiful museum sits on top of a stretch of stairs, and overlooks a massive, picturesque fountain. This is one of the greenest spots downtown, but the surrounding buildings keep a city feel. The combination of park and urban monument makes for an amazing backdrop for any film.

Finding new and interesting filming locations in Indianapolis doesn’t have to be a challenge. Check out these interesting areas for filming.

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