Indy Film Fest is here and includes the world premiere of documentary feature, Film School Africa!

This Hoosier Lens documentary tells the compelling tale of Katie Taylor, a casting director who left Hollywood to teach film to South African students. Taylor planned to teach the kids technical skills but learned more about African dynamics and the power of empathy. This feel-good movie chronicles an incredible woman sacrificing a Hollywood career to equip the next generation of filmmakers, as well as the stories of the students who overcame adversity and antagony to pursue their dreams.

In Kayamandi, South Africa, working to support one’s family is more important than pursuing a career in the arts. For a community with little camera skill, wanting to be a filmmaker is a pipe dream. However, Katie Taylor worked with local students to change this mentality. Her expertise in the film industry combined with a drive and passion from her students is the foundation for an incredible journey—starting a film school.

For any filmmaker, this is a must-see. In an industry that revolves around California, it’s fascinating to see a different perspective explored and encouraged. These kids are so talented and enthusiastic, and the documentary mixes their movies into the film. Experienced filmmakers can be jaded with the industry and the exhaustion of making films, but this documentary is a breath of fresh air.

For ways to donate to Film School Africa, visit their website.