On April 8 at 3:06 pm, Indianapolis was in the Path of Totality of the Great American Total Solar Eclipse, a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to witness a celestial phenomenon. 2024 proves to be a blockbuster year for Indy, and the city once again rolled out the red carpet to welcome more than 100,000 visitors arriving to witness the event. 

Whether you tuned in to NASA broadcasting live from the Indianapolis Motor Speedway or were attending one of the 70+ eclipse-themed events in the city, the 3-minute-and-46-second event spotlights the best of the Circle City. 

And with Global Meetings Industry Day happening in the week, it's almost as though the stars have aligned. So, because the sky went dark, let us shed some light on Indy's success as a host city. 


125,000+ Visitors in Iconic Venues

Indy is no stranger to thousands upon thousands of visitors. The city is leveraging its iconic venues to host visitors from around the globe, showcasing the vibrant culture and community spirit. NASA's broadcast from the Indianapolis Motor Speedway highlights the importance in scientific endeavors, while the free Lunacy! festival downtown, hosted by White River State Park, offered a unique experience for residents and visitors alike. Multiple museums and attractions opening their doors for the three-minute-long event demonstrate the city's commitment to celebrating this rare celestial event. Our track record has shown that the city's venues and leadership work diligently to showcase connectivity, creativity, and excitement for the eclipse.

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Eclipse IMS


Highlighting Sustainable Practices

Sun Bean Roastery, a woman-owned business in Indy, is harnessing the power of solar energy to roast their coffee beans, showcasing a commitment to sustainable practices. Sun Bean's solar-powered electric roaster uses 20 times less energy than a traditional gas roaster for coffee beans, resulting in 85% less emissions. Owner Jenny Holland created a speciality dark-roast coffee, which hit the market in March. The company also partnered with Sun King Brewing for a custom beer featuring the coffee. The business and their partnership with community peers showcase how Indy is coming together to celebrate monumentous events, while underscoring the importance of sustainability and renewable energy.

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Indy is Trending in 2024

The Circle City is the #1 booked destination in North America for AirBnB properties during the eclipse weekend. While the eclipse will be visible across the entire country, none will offer the same level of connectivity and accessibility as the "Crossroads of America." Indy is very familiar with national attention this year, as our destination continues trending following the success of NBA All-Star Weekend and the anticipation of U.S. Olympic Team Trials - Swimming in June. Join the movement and discover why Indy should be your top choice for meetings and events this Global Meetings Industry Day. 

Lunacy! White River State Park

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