Shining A Light

Due to COVID 19, we encourage you to check the status of any Indianapolis establishment prior to visiting.

Downtown Indy, Inc. and the Indiana War Memorials Commission illuminate the Soldiers & Sailors Monument with a nightly light presentation, Shining A Light. Here's what you need to know:

Nightly Signature Salute 

Shining a LightVisit Monument Circle for Shining A Light, a seasonally-themed light presentation and a nightly signature salute. The presentation is 365 days a year and is synchronized with an Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra original score, paying tribute to the iconic monument. This five-minute light presentation tells many stories. From our servicemen and women, to our veterans, to Indy's past and future, Monument Circle will be the canvas for Indy's legacy every evening.

Indiana's Game Activation

Through April 5, see a powerful tribute to basketball, Indiana's Game: a Ball, a Basket and a Dream, three times nightly. The projection tells the story of growing up with the game accompanied by music and sounds of the game. Learn how basketball truly is a part of being a Hoosier.

Unity Activation

Utilizing the Shining A Light technology on Monument Circle, Downtown Indy, Inc. and partners Innovative and Dodd Technologies created a new presentation that illuminates love and hope to the world from the heart of Downtown Indianapolis nightly from 9 - 11:59 pm.

A video of the new projections combined with A Bridge Over Troubled Water played by Conrad Jones, Principal Trumpet, and Riley Giampaolo, Bass Trombone, from the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra, reminds the world that we stand united in our fight against COVID-19.

Make it a Date Night

From Napolese Pizzeria to St. Elmo Steak House, there are plenty of local spots to check out before or after the Shining A Light start time. For other local favorites, check out our Top 25 Local Restaurant Guide.

Explore Other Monuments 

Did you know Indy is second only to Washington D.C. in the number of war memorials? When you attend Shining A Light, you will check off the Soldiers & Sailors Monument, but there are plenty of other monuments left to explore. See the entire list here.


Trip Ideas for Shining A Light