The Indianapolis Zoo is buzzing with excitement as it opens the International Chimpanzee Complex this Memorial Day weekend in Indy. The Penny & Jock Fortune International Chimpanzee Complex stands as one of the largest chimpanzee habitats in the nation, boasting a vibrant community of 21 individuals.


"The best thing for a chimpanzee is living with other chimpanzees. We have built a one-of-a-kind habitat that is completely focused on fostering natural chimpanzee social behavior, allowing them the freedom to make choices throughout their day. Our goal is for visitors to gain a greater appreciation for chimpanzees and how to protect their future."

Dr. Rob Shumaker, Indianapolis Zoo President & CEO.


Nestled within this expansive complex are three distinct living spaces interconnected by an overhead trail, meaning the Complex gives each chimpanzee the autonomy to roam, socialize, and explore as they please. And socialize they do! During a sneak peek, the chimpanzees were extremely engaging, tapping to view our phone camera or motioning to see our shoes. Humans and chimpanzees share 98.4 percent of the same DNA making us closely related to them than chimpanzees and gorillas or chimpanzees and orangutans. They even have a preferred snack of popcorn!


Plan your visit to the Indianapolis Zoo to see the vibrant cultures and diverse behaviors exhibited by these remarkable primates. Plan ahead with advance ticket purchase for the best rate.