Foodies: come one, come all! In Indy, attractions aren't the only driving force for tourism anymore. With food tourism on the rise, Indy has everything you need to quench your thirst and curb your hunger. For those who like to take it one step further and actually document these foodie excursions, Indy has got your back!

Here are the most "Instagrammable" restaurants and dishes that can’t be missed:

Donut Latte at Plat 99

Warm up this winter with this creative concoction! Featuring homemade donut milk and high-quality espresso, this latte is the perfect way to start your morning. The cup is even served with a mini donut on the rim, perfect for posting on social.


Anything and Everything at Cake Bake Shop

Raspberry Champagne, Famous Earl’s Court Chocolate, and Pixie Fetti - oh my! Even Oprah agrees that Cake Bake has it going on—especially when it comes to the ‘O’ List Mint crumb cakes. Step inside a glittery pink wonderland and enjoy a lavender latte with a slice of cake. You can’t go wrong at Cake Bake, the only challenges will include picking a flavor and deciding whether to Instagram the storybook surroundings or the cake itself—we recommend both.


Ramen from Ukiyo

Winter is coming, which means that warm soups and comfort foods are crucial. Stop by Ukiyo for a big bowl of ramen that is as delicious as it is aesthetically pleasing. Every dish at Ukiyo is sure to impress on your Instagram page.


Bluebeard’s Charcuterie 

Let’s be real, 2019 was the year of the charcuterie board. Here in Indy, it doesn’t get any better than Bluebeard’s charcuterie and cheese. With cheeses named Tiger Lily and Alp Blossom, and paired with exquisite meats, this dish is both unique and impressive. Plus, to top it off, both boards are served with bread from Amelia’s, a nationally known bakery located right next door. 


Antakarian Fire Dancer at Inferno Room

Visitors can’t really go wrong at Inferno Room. This tiki bar offers the beautiful cocktails you’ve only dreamed of or seen in magazines. For a real show, order the Antakarian Fire Dancer which brings together rum, coffee liqueur, banana, pineapple, and other tiki classic flavors all topped by a giant blaze of fire. Snag a classic tiki cocktail or a signature house potion. Just don’t forget to snap a picture to make others swoon!