Enhance Your Meetings with Hybrid 

As our industry evolves, planners are looking to technology now more than ever to enhance their meetings. While face-t0-face events are still the preferred method for connecting, virtual is now playing a much stronger role. Virtual components are a great tool to increase your organization's exposure and grow your audience. Whether you're planning your first hybrid meeting or your hundredth, our team and local partners are ready to help.

Why Indy Virtually  

  • Virtual Indy Experiences. Along with many other promotional materials, the marketing toolkit offers complimentary and customizable Indy experiences to create a sense of place for your virtual audience. Additionally, local DMC, Accent Indy, has many engaging virtual activities like a behind-the-scenes look at the world of IndyCar, Hotel Tango mixology class, and more.  
  • You Can Shop Local. In Indy, you have options. You have the freedom to choose from several local technology companies, rather than outsource from another city. 
  • Superior Connectivity.
    • Indy was one of the first destinations to offer 5G services citywide.
    • The Indiana Convention Center and Lucas Oil Stadium (ICCLOS) offer 21 Gbps (gigabits per second) of internet bandwidth.
    • Lucas Oil Stadium has 30,000 feet of fiber optic cable, one million feet of Cat6 ethernet cable, and over 4,500 data jacks.
    • The Indiana Convention Center floor pockets are spaced 30 feet apart and contain six Cat6 cables and 4 strands of fiber optic cable.
    • Comprehensive internet, data networking, and equipment rental services provided by Smart City for ICCLOS.
    • Dark cable optic fiber is available for use on Georgia Street (an outdoor, promenade-style event space) and can be used to connect to the Indiana Convention Center, Lucas Oil Stadium, and Gainbridge Fieldhouse.

Why Indy Live 

  • Free WiFi. Thanks to a recent upgrade, ICCLOS now offers free WiFi service in the facility’s public areas, including the existing food courts and lobbies A through K and over 2,000 WiFi access points between both venues.
  • Connected Hotels. Indy boasts the most hotels (12) and hotel rooms (4,700) connected to a center by enclosed skywalk, making traveling to and from your meeting easy and affordable.
  • Driveability. Known as the Crossroads of America, Indy is within a day's drive of more than half of the nation's population.
  • Exploring is Easy. During their free time, attendees will appreciate the ease of navigating through the city. They can rent a bike through the Pacers Bikeshare and tour the 8-mile bicycle and pedestrian-friendly Cultural Trail that connects to hotels, restaurants, attractions, and Indy's six thriving cultural districts. 


Local Partners and Resources

One of the great things about Indy is that you have options. In addition to our team, there are many local suppliers ready to collaborate with you. Below is a list of local audio, visual, and stage production companies. Contact your Services representative to get connected. 

Six Tips for Leveraging Hybrid Events

When using virtual components, it's important to include your AV company during the planning process. This way, their expertise is incorporated from the very beginning. Here are six tips for leveraging hybrid events presented by the experts. 

  1. Get a consultation. Getting information from one trusted source will save you time. This conversation can include an overview of platforms, capabilities, and help you understand what you need to reach your goals. Whether it’s a webinar, web stream, virtual meeting, or full virtual production, a great production partner will help you make the best choices for your specific needs. (Bartha)
  2. Coach your speakers. If your speaker isn’t a Certified Virtual Presenter and you want to give them an extra boost of confidence, ask your production partner for help. They can help your speakers get comfortable with virtual tools, hone their message for this different format, offer rehearsals and consult on backdrops and technology needs. Then when the time comes, your speakers can focus on delivering their message and not on the production. (Bartha)
  3. Do rehearsals. Rehearsals are just as, if not more, important than if the show were an in-person event. Anyone presenting via video or audio should run through a tech-check rehearsal to ensure all internet connections are solid and all remote presenters are set up properly. Rehearsals allow for troubleshooting issues in advance, which allows for a seamless virtual event for your guests. (Markey’s Rental and Staging
  4. Prepare your attendees for success. Send clear instructions with screenshots and examples on how to join the virtual event and how to engage during the interactive portions. Include a live chat function on your virtual event platform for those who need more guidance on getting connected.  (Markey’s Rental and Staging
  5. Engage your virtual audience. Live polling, Q&A sessions, and even chat functions can ensure that everyone attending feels engaged and inspired. (Encore)
  6. Include networking opportunities. Guests can be brought together using live chat, so that people can interact and network as they would at a live event. Combining both audiences is key to ensure that those at home feel as much part of the event as those who are in the room. (Encore)

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