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An Indiana street
Monument Circle, home to the Soldiers and Sailors Monument, sits at the heart of downtown Indy. iStock

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Welcome to Indy!

Indiana Swimming Short Course Senior State Championships

MARCH 9-12, 2023

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Devour Indy 2023 Winterfest Jan 24
  • 3 minute read

College basketball is ramping up. Students have returned from break. The new year is almost a month old. The snow has been light so far, but the undeniable truth is that winter is here! Usually, winter means time to sit inside and stay warm while trying to combat the boredom. If…

23 Reasons Why Indy Is Poised For a Big 2023 Jan 22
  • 5 minute read

At the start of the year, we pause to pick our New Year’s resolutions, make travel plans, purge closets and toy chests of unwanted items, and map out what it is that has us motivated for what lies ahead. And if you’re anything like me, it’s not official until…

The New Near Eastside Passport Jan 19
  • 2 minute read

Near East Area Renewal (NEAR) supports a large group of wonderful small business on the Near Eastside of Indianapolis. Our latest project is the New Near Eastside Passport! In the Summer of 2022, we held our annual Raiders of the Lost Antiques, a one day event celebrating our…