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An Indiana street

Mab Graves

Indy Like a Local

Who is Mab?

Artist and Illustrator

Q. Where in Indy do you find inspiration for your work?

A. Inspiration from my work doesn’t really come from the world around me! It’s all based on science, lore, and imagination.   

Q. I understand you live and work in Fountain Square. What would you say are the highlights of your neighborhood?

A. This is my FAVORITE area in the city. There is so much going on around here. Little festivals, events, art, music, food. You can go out on any night and there is something happening in the Square!

Fountain Square Cultural District

Q. What are some of your favorite restaurants in the city? 

A. I LOVE Bluebeard. Their menu is amazing. I can order literally anything and it will be stellar. They are super creative, and I love getting to try new things. Milktooth is also pretty wonderful for breakfast/brunch!  

Q. Which events are on your calendar year after year?

A. My schedule is insane these days, so sadly I can never gauge when I will be in town and what events I can for sure make. One thing that is sacrosanct is Halloween with my nephew. We go to Fountain Square and the whole town is out! It’s a great area to walk around with smaller kids who can’t do the looong walks in some of the neighborhoods.

Q. Do you have any favorite local boutiques?

A. Hands down, Kids Ink Children’s Bookstore. They have such amazing books and work with really cool publishers so you’ll find things you don’t see in other stores. Their staff is also SO knowledgeable. You can ask for books about any subject and if they don’t have it, they’ll find it for you!


Q. Any favorite destinations for fresh air and outdoor fun?

A. [My nephew] Ransom and I love walking on the canal and playing in local parks. The IMA has beautiful gardens, and they are a favorite spot for sketching! 

Q. How would you spend your ideal free day in Indianapolis?

A. I would probably grab coffee and an audiobook and head over to either the Indiana State Museum or the Children’s Museum. Science is a huge inspiration in my work, so walking around with a sketchbook, taking notes, and sketching studies is my heaven. I’d end the day with dinner at Bluebeard and then take a little walk in the dusk on the Cultural Trail. That would be perfect.

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