You Are There 1839 - Religion and the Divided Frontier

450 W. Ohio St., Eugene and Marilyn Glick Indiana History Center, Indianapolis, IN 46202



January 25 to April 25 at 10:00 AM

In our latest You Are There exhibit, experience a snapshot of what life was like when the Hoosier State was part of the American frontier. Learn about the experiences of early residents and how they grappled with pivotal and ongoing issues of freedom, equality and faith.

You Are There 1839: Religion and the Divided Frontier puts you inside a small Danville inn during a period of religious and political transformation known as the Western Revival. At this time, Methodist Church membership exploded, and people embraced a religion that suited their everyday lives.

The inn provides a setting where men and women of different backgrounds and religious and political beliefs interact. Once inside, you’ll meet a cast of characters including Eli P. Farmer, a traveling preacher known for his joyous sermons as well as his propensity for brawling. Guests can pull up a chair to hear stories of the frontier, explore the modest cooking space and spend time talking to Farmer and his companions, including his wife, Elizabeth; a judge; an innkeeper; and a variety of early Hoosiers making a life for themselves on the frontier.

Farmer, a native of Kentucky, served in the War of 1812 and came to Indiana in 1822. He began his work as a Methodist circuit rider in 1825, committed to his vision of religious purity and inspiring thousands to join the church. He split from the church to form his own denomination, Christian Union, which he began preaching about in 1839. He later worked in the state not just as a preacher, but as a businessman, newspaper editor and politician.

Through his story, visitors can explore powerful issues like religious debates over slavery and temperance, while also seeing and hearing firsthand how driven men like Farmer introduced new religious practices and social beliefs to the state one convert at a time.

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