The Town Mouse and the Country Mouse

140 W. Washington St., Indianapolis, IN 46204



February 24 to March 25

Will has a cozy, familiar home in a boot in the barn. But when his cousin Monty takes him to the big, dangerous city, Will learns to wade through plush carpets, climb hot water pipes and outwit tame mice gone bad. Where will his expedition take him next?

The Town Mouse and The Country Mouse is designed for our youngest audiences, surrounding patrons 3-8 years old in live-theatre action through text-based storytelling and includes pre- and post-show activities led by IRT artists to engage young minds and allow families to experience live theatre together.

This production features storytime seating where children are invited to sit cross-legged on carpet and enjoy the cast and characters up close. Parents can purchase a floor seat and watch the production while sitting with their children, or can purchase a seat along the back and side areas of the theatre.

Tickets: $8 and up.

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