Tiny Urban Escapes


Coming summer 2018. Tiny Urban Escapes is disrupting the way we choose to Retreat, Relax and Recharge. We've created a haven for urban dwellers, suburban folks, locals and travelers alike: a place to abandon life's daily grind and getaway from it all. Minutes from downtown Indianapolis!

Featuring 5 luxury semi-glass cabins made with recycled shipping containers, boasting all the amenities of a tiny boutique hotel. Located near the north side of Eagle Creek Park and near Traders Point Creamery, each is 160 square feet: 20 feet by 8 feet. They boast minimalist decor in a sanctuary-like ambiance, a pair of bikes for each, queen beds, Bohemian-style picnics, a shared fire pit, and a common area. Rates are $170-$210 per night.

Shipping Container #1: Heiress Ivory. Named after a grandmother and decked out with all white furniture and decor.

Shipping Container #2: Moroccan Manor.

Created with ease, enchantment, and escape in mind.

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