The Paddock Racing Club & Driver Training
Indy Partner

150 E. Market St., Ste. 50
Indianapolis, IN 46204



Open daily, 10 am-7 pm

The Paddock offers full-motion professional racing simulators utilizing cutting edge software - finally allowing the public to feel what it’s like to drive a racecar on the most iconic tracks in the world. Offering either virtual reality or our three 55” monitors supported by over 1000 watts of surround sound ensures full immersion for those racing. You can race alone, take turns, or book multiple simulators and race your friends! Each simulator is in a private, furnished room that can accommodate groups up to five people. We disinfect between appointments and use HEPA air filters to keep you safe through the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Paddock also offers driver training/coaching services. Our instructors can help newcomers learn to race, or help a seasoned veteran find those last couple of tenths. Our telemetry analysis can show you exactly where and how you’re losing time. Each race track is laser-scanned to perfectly replicate the road surface and track characteristics of some of the most famous tracks in the world. The cars are meticulously analyzed and tested to ensure comparable performance to the same car racing in real life. Experience what the professionals feel, all from the comfort of a private furnished room.

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