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The NEW Dinosphere® - Opening

3000 N. Meridian St., P.O. Box 3000, Indianapolis, IN 46206
Venue Phone: 317-334-4000
Event Phone: 317-334-3322


After a year of being closed for expansion, The NEW Dinosphere® will reopen. We're bringing in awesome new dinosaurs. Paleontologists from The Children's Museum, along with the museum’s international partners, unearthed these fossils from our dig site in Wyoming, known as The Jurassic Mile™.

  • Giants of the Jurassic™ will include two giant sauropods, the long-necked, plant-eating dinosaurs that were uncovered in The Jurassic Mile™!

  • Monsters of the Mesozoic Seas™ will be an ocean-themed section where you’ll feel like you are swimming beneath the waves alongside sea creatures that lived millions of years ago!

  • Creatures of the Cretaceous™ will feature the dinosaurs you've come to love at The Children's Museum. Bucky, Stan, Kelsey, Leonardo, Dracorex hogwartsia, and the rest of your favorite dinos will return to their homes in Dinosphere®.