Summer Exhibition Series

820 E. 67th St., Indianapolis, IN 46220

Broad Ripple


July 20 to August 7

Chris Bakay
Chris Bakay’s translucent sculptures work as a "metaphor for the impermanence of memory.” As Bakay researched vintage t-shirts designs and started translating them into resin sculpture, he found that viewers are able to give their own meaning to the work based on their own memories or pasts. Bakay says, “To me, the gold and silver [shirts] pay homage to an object of the past, in the same way the clear or translucent does."

Sophie Treppendahl
Sophie Treppendahl’s paintings explore the idea of portraiture while straying tradition into a new contemporary take. While historically portraits are straightforward images depicting people (sometimes surrounded by objects that might define them), Treppendahl flips the dialogue – choosing to instead portray people through depictions of their clothing, as well as objects or locations that have particular significance to those individuals.

This group exhibition will feature the work of artists across the country investigating how clothing, accessories, and fashion play a role in identity, commercialism, and social media in today’s world. Multiple mediums, perspectives, and techniques will collide in this survey of all things sartorial.

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