SoChatti Chocolate Tasting Room
Indy Partner

1125 E. Brookside Ave., Circle City Industrial Complex, #D2
Indianapolis, IN 46202



Open Weds.-Thurs., 10 am-4 pm; Fri., 10 am-7 pm; Sat., 10 am-5 pm. Closed Sun.-Tues.

Visit the SoChatti tasting room for a variety of experiences including chocolate flights, Bean to Bag Chocolate Making Classes, Apple & Marshmallow Pops, Chocolate & Wine Pairing Classes as well as our family-friendly kids classes.

Discover the true flavor of chocolate. SoChatti takes flavor seriously. That's why this innovative chocolate making is designed to protect the complex flavor found in cacao beans.

Why melted chocolate?
Chocolate makers know that unlike a chocolate bar, consuming fresh, melted chocolate coats your mouth and allows you to experience the chocolate’s full richness and complexity. Should a chocolate maker have a better experience than the customer? We didn’t think so! Our unique production process and packaging were developed to deliver you, the customer, the chocolate maker’s experience.

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