Chefs - The Sizzling Kitchen Showdown

502 N. New Jersey St., Indianapolis, IN 46204

Mass Ave


March 25 at 6:00 PM

Michelin-starred celebrity chef and world-renowned restaurateur, Patrick Wilde, is hosting a tournament for the once-in-a-lifetime chance to become a chef at his highly anticipated new restaurant, Eros, which will open next year at a secret location yet to be announced.

Chef Patrick is a stripper-turned-chef who used the money he made from three long years on the pole to build his culinary empire. He is offering other male strippers the opportunity to “get off the pole and into the pantry!”

Chefs competing in the tournament must prove their culinary skills to Chef Patrick through a series of escalating challenges that highlight their skill and dexterity around the kitchen. If a chef wins a challenge, he gets to choose the next mystery ingredient from Chef Patrick’s on-stage pantry and become one step closer to becoming a chef at Eros.

If a chef loses a challenge, he loses an article of clothing!

The winner of the tournament will become a chef at Eros and the losers will go BACK TO THE POLE!

Tickets: $32-$48.

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