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Congratulations to Normand Marchand

We received nearly 260 patriotic and inspiring entries, with nominations honoring veterans from across the country. We’ve read memoirs from veterans who have lost limbs, loved ones, and life moments. We’ve read accounts of unwavering bravery in times of need. And we’ve read about the sacrifices made to ensure our country’s safety.

Our Shining A Light Veterans Day recipient is Normand Marchand of Thorntown, IN.  Normand’s daughter, Nancy Marchand-Martella, nominated her father for his enduring dedication to Indiana veterans and their families.




"My father is 83 years young. He is a proud veteran, having served in the Air Force. He is a member of the Thorntown American Legion and participates with the VFW in Lebanon from time to time. My father has dedicated his life in remembrance of veterans. He marches in all parades, places flags directly on the graves of veterans in many cemeteries in Boone County (and actually puts them on the graves rather than placing them along the drive), and, most importantly, participates in the funerals of veterans who have passed away. My father has worked hard to learn how to fold the flag and presents it to the family with tears in his eyes. He also shoots a rifle during the ceremony in the traditional gun salute. Additionally, my father plays Taps on the bugle. He runs from one thing to the next during the funeral, all in honor of those who served their country. My father has never complained about the weather, the brutal cold and the rainy days. He does it to honor the veteran's family. Finally, my father bought an old sewing machine and makes little draw string bags out of the small flags that adorn the graves. He puts the shells gathered during the funeral ceremony into these little bags and presents them to the families along with the perfectly folded flags. My father is a special man who cries when he sees the flag. He is certainly deserving of an award for someone who served his country with honor and dignity and who continues to give back because it is the right thing to do. I am so proud of the man I call my dad."


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